• 1 als, trade tensions06-20-2019 10:07 BJTWASHINGTON, June 19 -- The U.S. Federal Reserve on Wednesday left
  • 2 interest rates unchanged as officials weighed mixed signals on the health o
  • 3 f the U.S. economy and the impact of trade tensions.The Federal Open Mark▓et Committee, the
  • 4 Fed's policy-making com▓mittee, decided to maintain the target range for the federal fun

-da▓y policy meeting.The


rket participants are expecting the Fed to lower interest rates later this year, partly due to▓ concerns about the rising costs of trade tensions and slowing global growth. U.S. President Donald Trump has also repeatedly pressured the Fe▓d to lower rates and

boost economic growth."▓I would say there was not much support for cutting rates now at this meeting," Fed Chairman Je▓rome Powell said Wednesday at a press conference,▓ adding Fed officials would like to

central bank noted t


wait and see more data before moving rates."We felt that it would be better ▓to get a clearer picture of things, and that▓ we would in fact learn a lot about these developm▓ents in the near term," he said."Ultimately the question we're aski

ng ourselves is are ▓these risks going to be continuing to wei▓gh on the outlook, and we will act as needed, including prom▓ptly if that's appropriate, and use our tools to sustain the▓ expansion," he added.James Bullard, pr

  • hat the U.S. labor market "remains strong" and economic activity "is r
  • ising at a moderate rate" since May, while indicators of business fi
  • xed investment "have been soft" and uncertaintie
  • s about t▓he economic outlook "have increased.""In lig▓ht of these unc

ertainties and mut


ed inflat▓ion pressures, th

esident of Federal Re▓serve Bank of St. Louis, voted against Wednesday's policy decision, arguing that the Fed should low


e Committee will closely

er the target range for the federal funds rate by 25 basis points at this ▓meeting.Noting that the Fed dropped its commitme

monitor the i

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